How to install CAVS in VISTA?

Where i found CAVS2 link to install in my notebook?
I´m using Vista Home Premium and when i try to install CAVS BETA Windows reject it!


Hi, you cannot use CAVS on Vista until Version 3 comes out.

i think i’ve heard that even V3 can only be used on XP

Are you Serious?

yeah. at least that’s what i remember. 88)

Hey guys, to squelch the rumors, CAVS 3 will be compatible with Vista. No worries. They have that covered.

Also, it should be available from release, however, I’m not completely sure about that (I don’t believe it’s been officially announced it would be, just heavily suggested). I have seen posts that seem to suggest strongly it will be compatible from release and some that suggest it will not be.


Does that answer your questions ? (:TNG)

Is there any idea when it will be released for vist???

No dates yet but it will be worth the wait. Meanwhile if anyone wants a good antivirus until CAVS3 is ready I highly recommend Avast 4.7 Home Edition. I have been using this without problem for several months now and will continue with it until CAVS 3 is ready.



Reason: Out-Dated post.