How to install CAVL on Mint 17?

Any success installing CAVL on Mint 17?

How to do?

Detailled procedure please, I’m not comfortable with Linux yet.


german manual =>;page=Comodo_Antivirus_in_LinuxMint_17_installieren

I’m trying to do this right now. I got the download, and clicked on it. It seemed to install, and showed I was downloading the virus database, but on the left was a red shield that said File System Filter Is Not Loaded…run diagnostics. I clicked that button and it gave me 2 lines of code to enter into the terminal. You have to use the Sudo before the commands. I did that, and restarted Comodo. I saw no difference, but clicked on the updating virus database, and got a log of how far it was in the download. That has just finished, but the other thing is still there. I’m going to close & reopen Comodo and see what happens, and run the Scan. We’ll see what happens, next. OH, before, it gave me an error report, which was filed in my root file, for a better place, for now. At the very end I got:

Whatever that means. Going to try scan, now.

That’s because COMODO is missing drivers in the download file. There are post on here that claim is a fix for it but that fix doesn’t work. You can only do manual scans because of this which is better than nothing.

me too :o

Linux mint 17.2

it recommends to do:
sudo /opt/COMODO/
sudo /etc/init.d/cmdavd restart

but that made no difference, however I did update the db and did a full scan :P0l
not sure what the difference is here

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  1. Download driver.tar and from DownLoad
  2. Copy them to /opt/COMODO/
  3. Run /opt/COMODO/ from terminal.
  4. If you have errors run from terminal.

Pre requisitions: build-essential package from synaptic…