How to improve the performance of Comodo AV

I would like to know if CAV checks the trusted files or the safe files or the files with rules.

As Norton does, the files in the whitelist are not scanned so the impact in the computer is very low. Around only the 10% of the files are scanned.
Also this option is optional, I mean you can select check or not the files in the whitelist.

I think that would be an excellent addition to Comodo:

  • Trusted files are not checked by the AV, only the first time (Optional)
  • My own safe files are not checked by the AV, only the first time (Optional)
  • Files with rules (Computer Security Policy) are not checked by the AV, only the first time (Optional)

This will save resources and maybe will allow to use more heuristics or a deeper scanner without any difference in the performance.

Hello. I could be wrong but i thought that in stateful mode Cavs worked just like Norton in that it did not scan whitelisted files thereby shortening scanning time. Perhaps other members could share their views.


Yes, I think that currently CAV does something similar, maybe somebody can clarify that.

Answer is here:

Stateful controleert bestanden één keer voordat ze in het geheugen worden geladen. Als het bestand niet gewijzigd is wordt het een volgende keer niet weer gescand. Dit maakt stateful sneller.
Stateful checks the files one time before being loaded into memory. If the file isn't changed, it won't be scanned the next time it is loaded. This makes stateful quicker.

So, sort of whitelisting but not entirely.

I read that when set to stateful, the AV Component only scans a file once until it is modified, or reaccessed after the Database got updated to a newer version. This makes it safer, but also not quite as fast, because when a file is unknown, and one database says it’s clean, and the newer version says it’s bad, it will get caught when it is accessed again.

But whitelisting could make scanning faster, but I don’t know if that is already done when choosing stateful.

The problem is that the scanner scans the files again (if is needed) with each new update.
THe idea here is that the safe files are never scanned

I think that after a reboot CAVS will scan the file again while in stateful, It only remembers files per session.

Yes but the way that Norton works, it never scan again the whitelisted files so you save resources, and usually around the 90% of the files are whitelisted

avast uses permanent (signed files) & temporary (until next virus definition update) cache also (as a whitelist).

Anybody from comodo “staff” can tell us how exactly comodo av works?

Yeh that’s a great feature of avast, IMO I think this should be used across the board for most\all AV’s… Avast is feature rich and resource friendly.

It might be a good idea to PM Melih and ask him that when he has some free time if he could please check this out and answer if possible :-TU

This is why I love Avast so much :wink: :smiley: ;D…Kyle have you’ve tried the Avast Anti-virus Free version (:KWL) and don’t get me wrong I still Comodo Firewall :■■■■