how to import/export certificate in MS outlook


As per my knowledge,for secure mail communication,sender need to have receiver’s Digital ID in his address book…
Can anyone tell me, how to import/export certificate in MS outlook as it is required by comodo for secure mail communication…I can do it in Outlook Express but not in MS outlook…

Thanks in advance

I’m eagerly hopeful of the final release this week but you might be able to find the answer your looking for here:

Thanxs Eric…

But its not working…Even the steps in
are not helping me out…
So can anyone ???


The final version is ready for CSE. The websites just haven’t been updated yet… So hang tight :slight_smile:


No they do not
CSE uses a single use Certs. The recipient has to have CSE installed and be registered for a cert.

How it works… receiving – Installing SecureEmail using Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird:

  1. The encrypted e-mail is received.
  2. The recipient installs Comodo SecureEmail.
  3. SecureEmail checks to see if the recipient has an e-mail certificate.
    a. If the recipient does not have an e-mail certificate then SecureEmail will not be able to download the single-use public and private key until they sign up for a Comodo e-mail certificate.
    b. If recipient already has an e-mails certificate
    i. SecureEmail connect via SSL and client authentication, authenticating to the recipients e-mail address
    ii. If the authentication is successful then the single-user certificate and private key are downloaded securely.
    iii. The e-mail is decrypted with the private key and then encrypted (depending on SE options) for the recipient’s permanent e-mail certificate.
    iv. On the next Send and Receive SecureEmail will prompt the user to send their permanent e-mail certificate to the sender so from this point forward, permanent PKI based certificates will be used for communications.

Note: If the reciever is not registered with the Comodo Cert Servers they reciever just recieves a digitally signed email.

Hope this helps

Hope this helps

Thanx OD…
It was really very helpful to understand the exact procedure of how it works…
Right now i m using free Email certificates…So does it work in the same way u hav explained ???
If not, can u pls brief the steps for configuring the same ??