How to Hide System Details?

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How can I hide system details like Browser details, Plugins installed, OS Details, etc.?

I did a scan in this site - and it showed many info. How can i hide those details?

I know about hiding IP address, but what about others?

Is it possible to hide those info. in just one browser?

Hi KewlDewde ,

Not sure that you request is clear enough

Hide from what / or from whom?

As for plug-ins - what browser in the 1st place?
& then, in any case use a separate accounts for different users having their own profiles and respectively their own plug-ins/ extensions

OS details ??? - … like what? Any user can see “OS details” or “Browser details”

Well, if your system is cracked … even perfectly … any request for malware removal will expose that anyway, as soon as you post respective needed reports
… so, what actually do you mean by that?

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Hi SiberLynx, thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

What I meant was hiding details like what OS, Browser i am using. When i go to other forums, some people have some signature which tells - details like my IP address, the browser i am using, the OS i am on, etc.

So, how can i disallow them (their signatures) from knowing these things?

For ex:- I went to and it showed details (image attached). It showed many other info. like my OS details, my IP address details, etc.

How to prevent sites like from knowing what browser i am on or what OS i am using?
Is there a way to hide these things from the cyber-world?

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Thanks for the reply, KewlDewde

Well, providing the signature with your system details - has only positive effect
especially when you are a member of any given technical forum
That is rather beneficial to the user & to those who wanna to help in case you have any questions

Definitely, that is user’s (your) choice, but as I can see it such info is highly recommended to provide in the signature

Then, as far as I know there is no way that you can hide things like browser & OS details… that’s actually would be even harmful - think about MS Security patches
You cannot hide that even if you disable the updates … so what is a point?
What security risk can you see providing that info?

As for IP address … - there is practically no way to hide it from moderators of any given forum
… but main point here is: your IP address cannot be seen by any “ordinary” user of any public forum

Other things that you don’t like has to be posted to the admins & mods of the particular forum in order to being resolved

a side note: the only thing you have to be aware of - never set your e-mail address as being seen & never post your e-mail address into any public forum That can lead to spam & subsequently other security risks

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“no script” add on for firefox is anyway a usefull thing.

Yes it is useful indeed, clockwork

but what the relevance to the initial question by original poster?
… unless I am really missing something


No script keeps these requests from succeeding when they run javascript.

A good exemple here, you don’t retrieve any of these informations (upper left corner) if you don’t allow javascript for the website host (

But all of these requests are not javascript, a well known good counter-example here, no javascript involved (and no leak strictly speaking either, as you are the only one to see contents pertaining to you).

A good idea of various browser privacys leak here:

When running tests as said by the OP (Pc flank is a good illustration), the browser’s referrer function is often invoked, but true enough, even if you can fake it or even disable it, it shall throw you out of a lot of web ressources.

like brucine explained.

and “refcontrol” is one addon for firefox that avoids to send referrers. if theres a very(!) seldom case when you could need a referrer, you can disable it per one click.
dont create a custom referrer, because that makes you unique…!

i usually see only my ip in those banners with this two addons.

Thanks SiberLynx, clockwork and brucine. :slight_smile:

Actually, what I was referring to is what brucine mentioned (I do not want to show those informations which appear on upper left corner on that site - )

So, No Script will disallow those information. But, mostly I use Opera (default) and Dragon (secondary).
There is one extension similar to No Script for Chrome, that is NotScripts, but it needs Chrome version 5 and above to work and Dragon is using version 4. 88)

Also, like I mentioned in the second post - people have this danasoft banner as signature, which shows these things as mentioned by brucine.
So, that danasoft will only display the info. to ourselves, but it is reaching danasoft servers. Isn’t it?

I know hiding these will have negative consequences like when we do windows updates or like when we do an online scan.
I was just curious whether we can hide/spoof those. ;D

It works with the new Beta. It’s using version 6 and appears to be very stable.

You can disable Location-Aware for firefox

  1. Click on the address bar and type about:config
  2. A warning will pop-up, Just agree on to be carefull
  3. type geo.enabled
  4. If you see the “value” set as “true” right click on it and click on "toggle
  5. Restart firefox


Use this link to check your digial fingerprints
I made mine very unique, but believable also keep it that way so it’s consistent. Trust me, it’s not my real digital fingerprint. You need some skills to get this far (see my score below)
Here’s my score from that site :■■■■

Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 1,231,242 tested so far.
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a article on defending yourself against some forms of digial fingerprinting

That’s all I’m going to write on this subject. >:-D

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