How to go back on popup rules?

Hi, I often get the little popup box in the bottom right hand side of my screen, most is harmless and as a result of me accessing the internet from alternate programs. However, I sometimes accidentally hit deny instead of allow and (lets use msn as an example) then i find that i cant reconnect because the firewall has blocked it. The only way i have found to fix it is to restart the PC but this is annoying as i have to save all my work before hand, how can i go back on my decision through the firewalls interface? In other words how can i change the rule to allow by using the firewall interface and not restarting the PC?


P.S. I am not clicking the “remember this rule for next time” box when i accidentally hit deny.

This is simple (if remember this rule for next time is unchecked). Just close (exit) the application (MSN) and restart it again. :wink:

And if that doesn’t work, then exit the firewall itself and restart it again.

If you already checked “remember this rule for next time”, you can remove the rule from application monitor.