How to get Software out of Sandbox

Hi All,

Upgraded to CIS 4.1 no probs., however as I use a USB dongle for the net it keeps popping up in the Sandbox & then allowing. I am unable to work out how to get the connection info out of the Sandbox (tired of the warning box popping up). Can someone please explain very slowly how to stop it my internet connection working from within the Sandbox? Have also noticed that I’m being disconnected for no reason I use F/Fox as my browser & the only change has been the upgrade to the new version of CIS ???


You add your trusted applications to your own safe files. You enter in CIS and go to Defence +. There is an option “My own safe files”.Press add. Now you can add a file or a process and the file will be trusted every time. Defence + will allow all this programs request and it will not run in sandbox. Make this only with files you now are trusted.

Thanks BC Man for yr help :-TU,

Had a little ‘play’ around & worked it out (it’s my ISP connection) so I can trust it. Cheers Min.