How to get right click menu to open

I am running only the firewall and defense with latest updates on an XP SP3 system.
After booting up, right clicking on the taskbar icon will give me the menu to set options.

After ten to twenty minutes that ability dies and right clicking the icon will not bring up the menu nor will double clicking on the icon open the app control panel. The only way to regain right click or to open the app panel is to reboot.

I usually put the firewall into ‘block all’ mode if I am going offline for an extended time and it is troublesome and unnecessary to have to reboot each time I wish to reset the firewall to ‘safe mode’ from ‘block all’.

All other icons on the task bar retain their right click abilities.
How do I constantly maintain a right click option for this icon and is there another way to reset from ‘block all’ to ‘safe mode’ without rebooting each time.