How to get MS Office docs running restricted/contained ?

Hey guys,
I’ve searched the forums and probably I’m doing something wrong: Due to Homeschooling, I’m receiving a lot of Word docs, Excel files etc. and I like those auto-contained/restricted for obvious reasons (Macros already disabled globally). However CIS won’t let me add e.g. the Winword.exe to Auto-Ccontainment (warnings for both run restricted or virtually), nor does a HIPS rule work to have it run as contained application. I’ve also added my download folder to run anything auto-contained but that doesn’t work as well ? I understand that Microsoft is set as “trusted vendor”, so does this overrule any other rules ?

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Create a file group with all the applications you want to be auto-contained then use that file group in the auto-containment rule.

Thanks, but that doesn’t work unfortunately. What I’d need is that any files dropped in the DL-folder are run contained by the application assigned. I’ve tested numerous things but don’t get it working. It appears as if I can only block *.exe’s or specific files in a folder.

you want running Ms office containment, but save, changes, create… documents in folder?
For that, you add folder in exception of folder auto-containment (do not virtualize acess): Containment Configuration, Containment, Restricted Internet Access, Containment Computer Security | Internet Security

NOTE: this can tornar folder in exception vulnerable!
theoretically settings default of comodo internet security do that than you want…

Sorry my inconvenience and my english!