How to get maximum protectin???

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One of the problems I have with the comodo firewall recently that has made me distrust the comodo firewall is that my system can get a maximum of 240 points (From 340 point) from the Comodo Leak Test, which is very disappointing.
I have Windows 8 and it is an update.
What settings should I make in the firewall that can provide maximum protection for my system?

you can safely discard that test


what do you mean ??!
That is, Comodo firewall does not have the ability to pass a test made by Comodo co. ?
I tested the same test with Kaspersky Firewall and it scored up to 320 points.
Now that the Matousec site no longer exists, which test can be considered?!

While it was these brilliant results of the Comodo firewall that made Comodo famous and popular.
Otherwise, Comodo antivirus results in various tests have been disastrous in the past.
Even now, it does not participate in valid tests to reassure our users of its antivirus detection power.

Even the absence of Comodo in tests such as Av-Comparatives has made us very skeptical about the power and efficiency of Comodo antivirus !!

CFW works well with the default settings. You can maximize the firewall element using this help article: Firewall Setup For Maximum Security And Usability,Firewall Set Up, Spyware Scan

To improve containment, you can try the Cruelsister Configuration which essentially is running Proactive without HIPS and containment level set as “Restricted” by default. Her video on this setup is here: Comodo Firewall- The Cruelsister Variation - YouTube

I would run through her variation first and then do the firewall tweaks since you have to change the configuration for CSs setup.

in addition to CS’ settings (pretty only way without hassle) you can choose “Block” Unrecognized instead of “Run Virtualized” for nearly zero system impact since you run W8 for various reasons