How to get help

Hey there and welcome to the forums! (:WAV)

Before just posting around please follow these steps.

Read the Forum Policy. These are the rules everyone has to follow. Make sure you examine and understand these rules. If you need help with a rule or two, just PM an active moderator.

Take a look at the Frequent Asked Questions before posting a question, as it may save you some time.

If your problem isn’t listed in there, please search for it, as it could be other users had this issue before and are already helped out
(Please try several keywords before moving to the next step and read the help about searching if you find it difficult).

Optional: you may want to read some about BBCodes and which ones work on this Simple Machines forum.

Before posting please check the Topmost Important Topics in those product related boards:
(Important Topics have an icon like

or a drop shadow like


If none of the stickied Important Topics related to your product helped you further you can make a new thread in one of above mentioned boards for your specific product.

When raising a help request please write a meaningful and specific topic title and include the following:
(Please check if there is a product related guideline for help requests in the board you are posting too)

  • Version number and name of the product you have/had an issue with
  • Your Operating System (And whether it’s 32bit/64bit) and which Service Pack it is (Instruction for XP and Vista)
  • Security and utility software installed
  • Step by step description to reproduce the issue
  • How you TRIED to resolve the problem
  • Post Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any
  • Attach screenshots to your posts to clarify the issue further
  • Add any other additional information you might think of

And then we hope you can help you out as fast as we can :).

Most forum help comes from other users who volunteer their time. Some users are designated as Moderators who also help “moderate” the board activity, but are also just other users.
Comodo Employees have

under their name. They sometimes provide direct Comodo support to the forums.

For Comodo technical support, visit and select ‘Submit a Ticket’ - This is for requesting answers directly from Comodo Staff (rather than the forum volunteers. But usually you get better and quicker support on the forum, especially as Comodo Staff sometimes help on the forum too).

If your reply from Comodo Support states that your support ticket was closed please don’t worry. You can reply to that email until your issue is solved.
Tickets are usually closed by default after a reply.

Ticket Details
Department: PC Security Software
Priority: Default
Status: Closed

Please Note: Members are not allowed to post on the New Member Information board. Please pick a board that is relevant to your product/issue. If you cannot find somewhere to post, then please use the following board…

     [url=]General Discussion (off topic) Anything and everything...[/url]

Thank you.