How to get Firefox bookmarks and settings changes made permanent

When I run Firefox in the CIS 6 sandbox, sometimes I want to bookmark pages and not want them to get deleted upon opening up my regular Firefox. Does anyone know of what file or folder I need to tell Comodo sandbox to not virtualize access to so that I can have these changes saved?



Hi Netguy101,
Add the places.sqlite file from the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default folder to the virtualize exceptions list.
Edit: Corrected the location.

Will this one file cover the Bookmarks and settings?

And the Ice Dragon thing seems to work with Firefox.

Sorry, I have corrected my above post as I accidentally posted the location in CID instead of Firefox. :-[
The places.sqlite file is only for bookmarks not settings.
I would imagine for other settings you would have to add the prefs.js file from the same location, but I have not tried this.

Thanks, just what I needed :).

You are welcome, I hope it works as intended. :slight_smile:
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Thank you.