How to get Antispam to work with Thunderbird

I am trying to get Antispam to work with Thunderbird (version So far, everything I’ve tried doesn’t work. I can not get Antispam to process any e-mail messages.

I’ve tried submitting tickets to Comodo but they only refer me to the two links in the thread about configuring GMail/Thunderbird Account. I didn’t find anything in those links that helps me configure Thunderbird and Antispam so they process my email from my POP3 e-mail account.

Can anyone help me with the specific settings I should make in Thunderbird and in Antispam to get these two programs to work together? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wish I had an answer for you. I tried the application with TBird, but could not utilize it as it didn’t support authenticated access to the POP & SMTP servers. It could only go encrypted, which wasn’t supported by the email servers… :frowning:

I am sure there are others that do, however. Hopefully someone will show soon. As best I recall, I didn’t have to do anything, really; it set it all up. It just wouldn’t interface with my mail servers because of the authentication thing, but it pulled everything from TB automatically. It’s been a while, though, and I haven’t gotten any younger in the interim, so my memory could be faulty…


Thanks for the response.

Thunderbird is a pretty popular e-mail client. I would have thought that compatibility with it would be a basic requirement of an Antispam program, especially since the web site says it works with any pop3 e-mail client.

I’m hoping that there is a way to get the two to work together.

Anyone have any solution?

I thought the product page said it was compatible with TBird. Have you filed a ticket with Support? They should be able to walk you through the scenario to get it working (provided no other users respond with a solution for you).


I did submit a ticket to Support. All they did was point me to the thread about Thunderbird/Gmail in this forum and to Thunderbird’s Release Notes web page.

Both links did not help me get Thunderbird to work with Antispam. WHen I mentioned that to Support, I didn’t get any further responses.

Sorry about that; I see now in your first post you already provided that information; my apologies for going down that road again…

Let me see if I can get some help for you.


Any help would be appreciated.


Its on the ‘Wish List’ for future development.


I had seen that message before but just assumed that it was someone wanting a more automatic interface with Thunderbird like Antispam has with Outlook. That is a far cry from the program not working at all with Thunderbird, especially since my previous two responses from Tech Support were that it was possible to make the program with with Antispam. They just didn’t tell me how to do that.

This is a far cry from the program would not work with Thunderbird at all, especially since in Setup the program has a choice for “other” e-mail clients.

I see that you are on Comodo’s staff so I will now take it that it is not possible to make Antispam work with Thunderbird, automatically or otherwise.

Thanks for giving me a definitive answer.