How to format my laptop without the Windows Vista CD?

I find my computer became really slow while surfing the internet especially downloading files
and buffering videos UNLIKE BEFORE. And now some intermittend freezes for like 2-3seconds.
I know I am infected with viruses or other malware/spyware due to porn sites
and I just thought reformatting my laptop is the best solution for me to have a smooth and fast
internet speed laptop again.

Is it possible for me to reformat my laptop without the Windows Vista Home Premium CD?
Do i really need the CD for the installation of the OS and other drivers?
My laptop is SONY VAIO, it does not include the CD when i bought it.
Im not sure if I could give this laptop to their company since i still have my warranty and ask to fix it for me
or do I have to ask them for the OS since im about to reformat it.

I just bought my laptop here’s the specs
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400
(2.00GHz*,2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)
250GB SATA (5400rpm)

Kindly help me.
And I dont know If i posted this topic to the right corner.

Hello Kaiz3R. You should ring up the company and demand your copy of windows vista they should have provided you, Also the drivers and utilities cd.

No it’s not possible to format without a OS cd :frowning:

You can try this method to try to clean your pc of malware.

None the less, You should get your Vista CD and drivers\utilities.

Hope this helps,

On your Sony Vaio there is a recovery partition.
You press F10 (may differ with model) during startup to boot to this partition.
From there you should have the options to do a format of the other partition, fresh install or repair install.

It’s like the OS CD with all the necessary drivers and original software etc. that came installed from factory.
Somewhere in your user manual or paperwork it should describe how to use it.
Or Sony tech support will walk you through it.


:open_mouth: Learn something everyday. Thanks :slight_smile:

To Correct Bad Frogger: on different laptop/desktop press Alt+F10 to continue with the recovery


I have my OS CD…but for some stupid reason I deleted my recovery partition when reformatting. slaps head

I wonder if LA and the other “crazy” minimalists thought it valuable enough to keep it… :THNK

To correct my corrector, no alt key is required to access recovery partition on Sony Vaio.

:slight_smile: I was giving a public correction, for different models & makes… other then Sony…

Note: I Said “different”

It’s all good. :■■■■

I think it’s Ctrl+F12 in my Dell desktop–though I’ve never used it yet.

Thank you very much!
Yup I already called the SONY VAIO custcare and they said
it does not include the cds when purchased.
It has something to do with the synthetic productions blah blah
and he told me that they have back up partitions
and that’s what you are talking about
And he was about to tell me every steps i have to do
but i wasn’t really sure yet
and decide as soon as i get ur answers.
And you were right.
Thanks. Really appreciate it guys. (:LGH)