How to force Diagnostics to create a report?

I have COMODO CIS running successfully on many computers (GREAT product btw!), but have a problem with one installation. I have searched the forum, but can’t find an answer to the following…

OS: Win XP SP3
CIS: 3.12.111745.560
Systray icon status: OK (no indication of a problem)

After every reboot, when I run Diagnostics, I get the following: “The diagnostics utility has found some problems with your installation. Would you like to fix them?” On selecting yes, the following dialog appears: “The diagnostic utility has fixed all the problems. You may need to reboot your PC”
The problem is (apparently) fixed successfully, and no prompt to create a diagnostic report appears.
If the PC is not rebooted, subsequent running of the Diagnostics reports no error
If the PC is rebooted, running the Diagnostics results in errors being detected (and repaired) again…

Is it possible to force Diagnostics to create a report so I can see what the issues are? It does not give me the option to create a report as it succeeds in resolving the issues detected each time it is run.

No this is not posible. (as far as i know)

Do you have any other Security software?

Good call :wink: BitDefender free v10 was causing the problem! thanks

For the record… I still hope to discover how to force the creation of a diagnostic report/log as I have had this same situation in the past - different installation & security apps though. Maybe admin/support has the answer? :-\

Glad i helped.

Maybe put that in the Wishlist.