How to fix Comodo WAF in cPanel version 11.84.X


So, since many of you (me included) are having the issue where Comodo WAF doesn’t recognize the domains in versions 11.84+ because of removal of Apache Distiller I created an interim solution.

I’ve taken the apache_conf_distiller and AdvConfig::Apache perl module created by cPanel and backported it for 11.84 version (AKA: I Changed the perl code to work with the latest cPanel versions).

The fix is easy and doesn’t overwrite existing files. Here is how to apply it:

Download this archive:

In it you have several files.

Upload / rsync
AdvConfig dir to: /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel
apache_conf_distiller to /usr/local/cpanel/bin/

Fix is implemented all the Comodo WAF functions will work in all 11.84 versions of cPanel

the issue is currently in the developers’ backlog and no ETA so far.
We suggest reinstalling plugin in standalone mode.

I know you have no ETA, hence the quick fix, which keeps Comodo WAF fully functional.

any update on when this will be fixed

I want a “clean” server config without having to apply “workaround” solutions. If I uninstall CWAF, how can I save my rules/config so that I won’t have to start from scratch when I re-install it (if they ever fix it for WHM)

You can’t.

No workaround no functional FREE product. Sorry you won’t use it mr. consultant

For now you can use only CLI of cwaf plugin.