How to filter ICMP timestamp (Type 13)

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I have a question, how do i ???
Filter or block ICMP Timestamp (Type 13) requests on my pc. I am using Comodo internet security premium.

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If you’re seeing a lot of these ICMP type3 code 13 (Administratively prohibited/Timestamp) you should check your system clock. Failing that, create a Global rule:

Action - Block
Protocol - ICMP
Direction - In
Source Port - ANY
Destination port ANY
ICMP Details - Custom 3 - 13

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I went under Global Rules>Add and followed your steps.i can’t see any Source port or destination port. Only Source address, destination address and ICMP details.

??? how can i add the port thingy?

There is no use to add a port here. Just fill in the details as Radaghast provided.

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Even i block ICMP type 13, and i do a test using GRC (Shields up). I receive this failed error from them.

what should i do?

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Blocking ICMP type 13 is not related to failing the ICMP ping test at shields-up. The quickest way to remedy this is to run the stealth ports wizard:

  1. Open CIS/Firewall/Stealth Ports Wizard
  2. Select the third option ‘Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone’
  3. Try the test again.

Just one point, if you’re behind a router, it’s the router that needs to be configured not to respond to these ping tests, not CIS.

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