How to erase-delete the stats from Firewall Intrusion attempts

Please help
how do I erase the ever increasing stats from my Comodo Security Premium V. 4.1.150349.920.

Pls see the SS.

I tried searching older Posts for some answers but can only see solutions to the older versions of CIS :slight_smile:

I am trying to figure out why my CPU spikes to 100 usage so often, this started happening since the last 2-3 days. I have eliminated ??? the new FF and Adobe Flash player so far.

Any tips and adv most welcome. Thanks a lot

Cheers :-TU

P.S.My out connections on P2P if on zero does not solve the issue !

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Welcome to the Forums, Swaroop.

If you are referring to the Logs, currently there is no way to reset/clear them.

Thanks a lot John for welcoming me on board this interesting Forum .)

And for the confirmation on the Logs which can not be deleted.

Does that mean it will keep on counting and never go to zero again ?

Wonder if I do reinstall of CIS, will it remain there or get erased ?

Pls see my new SS, these blocking/s, can they be stopped bcos really these are false or am I wrong ?

Sry for asking so many questions, I really have a big issue with CPU spiking to 100 % and then getting a frozen screen. Dunno where to look ???

Cheers .)

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No, it doesn’t keep growing.
Go to More/Settings/Logging tab.
The default setting is to delete the file and create a new one if the size reaches 20MB.
This size can be reduced to suite your needs/desire.

Try to restart computer or you can just exit Comodo and then turn it on again. Its works for me!!!

Thanks a lot John and Jovann for the useful tips.

I tried Jovann’s tip, unfort it did not work, dunno why not for me 88)

then I tried John’s tip

And it worked, I reduced the size and created a new file, all older ones erased

and so far the CPU spiking to 100 p.c. is much less :slight_smile:

Aprrec yr time and help folks. thx a lot again. Cheers :-TU