How to enable JUST the OUTGOING connection firewall?


I am behind a well configured router. I need to use firewall only to block certain outgoing connections. What settings would I use to only enable firewall function for the outgoing connections from my computer?

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What kind of connections are you trying to block? Stuff from an application, certain ports?

Yes, stuff from an application is the initial goal. But while I was on it, I wanted to find out if there was a way to turn off the inspection of incoming packets (I have a very full featured router installed), and only inspect the outgoing ones.


The SPI engine is either ON or OFF. I don’t believe that it can be tuned to only inspect in a single direction.

Blocking a single application is relatively easily achieved. Open CFP and click


From here, you can define a rule for that application that blocks by protocol, direction, destination and/or port, according to how you define that rule.

For outbound connections, the application rules are parsed before the nertwork rules. For inbound connections,the reverse is true.

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