How to downgrade from 10?


I updated my Comodo firewall from (don’t know) ver to on my windows 7 32bit system yesterday and facing weird bugs, I hear alerts with no popups (I do get popups too), desktop shortcut reappear, today windows aero is disabled, I am not sure what is causing all this but I want to downgrade.

I have few questions.

  1. Is there a log that can tell me what was the previous version, I don’t want to guess based on last release history.

  2. Where can I find the file to download that previous version instead of downloading very old installer that would want to update to 6209 again.

  3. Is there a way to downgrade instead of uninstall and reinstall

P.S. update didn’t go smooth, it got stuck but once I restarted PC and did diagnose it came fine


Hi Cimpo,

We are sorry for the trouble caused. There is no option to downgrade from new version to older version.
We will suggest you wait as we are going to fix all issues and new fix release will be done very soon.

Kind Regards,

I don’t blame you, you have no control over this, it is a Comodo up there policy and one day they will regret it.

I am just curious, what do you suggest people do while waiting? stay with no firewall? that is really rude of your brand, you should allow people to go back to older version that worked fine.

I can’t even believe that I have to explain this to your company…

For me, your brand image can’t be lower than this even

Have a good day

:-\ :-TD

Hello Cimpo,

I totally agree with you.

I can’t find a offline installer for a old version as well. :o

Online install for a firewall ?? A super secure solution … :-TD

The link below has a few more versions then filehippo Download Comodo Firewall for windows -

If I make no mistake all versions from “filehippo” and “filepuma” are Online version.

I’m not sure this version will install an old version than the last one.

The size is the same for all files, it’s look like a generic online installer. 88)

There would be no way to downgrade to a different version, just update. You would have to uninstall and install the version you want. Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems Comodo Forum

Filehorse hosts 8.2 and various older versions : Comodo Internet Security Download .

It’s beyond me why people don’t keep off line installers local. The web is too volatile to trust on. :-\

Edit: Filepuma still hosts 8.4: Download Comodo Internet Security for windows - .

Thanks. Let me summarize as the self-appointed internet historian.

Comodo would rather that you download and old version from some random ■■■ site, than host those version themselves.

There are TEN YEAR OLD THREADS still the same issue, still unresolved.

What kind of corporate insanity is this? Is there ever a time where someone working at Comodo says, “hey! shouldn’t we fix our chit? I mean how can anyone trust us, when we’ve ten year old issues with our core product we still have not resolved”

Let’s hope the real reason is that the NSA has paid Comodo large sums of cash to not fix things, because otherwise it’s just out right incompetence.

Since you are accusing Comodo, evidence please.

I would have thought it obvious why they they do not provide old versions, all have security problems some more than others.

Thank you


I would recommend Filehorse v. 8.2 I downloaded both but the Filepuma 8.4 version was only 166 mb. Filehorse 8.2 was 212 mb. I wish someone had version 9 since that one worked really well for me but I can do with 8.2 I think I might have uninstalled version 10 wrong because I just renamed and deleted the Comodo folder because I could not access Add/Remove Programs and then used Revo uninstaller to clear the Comodo registry entries (advanced mode.) Will installing 8.2 fix things and get me my internet back? Right now I can only access the internet from Safe Mode with Networking (that’s how I’m posting) and have System Restore turned off. I have XP SP3 Home. Thanks!

I also deleted the 3 comodo system files from the system32/drivers folder.

File size has nothing to do with anything. There could be a issue with renaming and deleting the folder. There are other folders that are hidden. The INTERNET connection could be corrupt not using a uninstaller. It is hard to say if your connection would come back with installing and if it will install.

It would not uninstall the normal way because add/remove programs could not be accessed and would not let me uninstall in safe mode. I did use Revo to remove all traces of the program from the registry- would that not be enough? I also checked the network connection to make sure Comodo is not “attached” to it.

I see others have deleted the folder directly to get their internet access back. I unhid all my hidden folders- if there are any additional things I need to delete I can easily delete them manually- just let me know of anything I might have missed. The registry is now clear so that can’t be a problem. I already manually deleted the comodo .sys files from the drivers folder. Like I said I don’t allow for any hidden folders or files so that won’t be a problem.

You should follow this guide and use the removal tools and if necessary the microsoft utilities to fix the msi installer database found in section B.

side note please don’t cross post spamming the same replies when you have your own topic thanks.

Thanks, what microsoft utilities are you referring to? Also, what version should I install now and should I install from Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode, or normal mode now that my internet connection works again?

Install in normal windows mode. I don’t think you can install using either of the safe modes. Depending on OS you use either this one or this one.

Alright I did all that and then installed version 8.2 and then updated the virus database and unchecked the option to automatically download updates but kept the program update notifications checked for every 7 days. I didn’t install Geekbuddy this time.