How to disable malware protection?

Hello everyone!

i disabled every single protection in comodo settings but still comodo is blocking softwares! How can i finally disable it! It is really frustrating :slight_smile:


At the sight of your screen image, a lot of blocking effectively on several protection parameters
At this stage your PC is practically not usable
Your configuration is not adapted to your knowledge apparently
All unrecognized files must be submitted for review
Firewall blocks should be evaluated
Look here to understand how Comodo firewall works

Help Comodo Firewall

My advice ? Purge all files and switch to safe mode it will be easier for you

Warning > NB: Until the database of files blocked by Comodo is freed, it will not work, even disabling the modules
At your own risk of course

Hi, thank you for help.

I really don’t understand, why can’t i allow this file on my computer? How can i tell comodo that it must allow that .exe?

Doesn’t matter what i enable or disable on comodo, it still blocks that .exe

It is really frustrating.

Edit: Anyways. After approx. 10 years of using comodo, i am uninstalling it. It is really ridic that even if i disable all the futures of comodo it still blocks to install the application i want.

Good luck!

Give the name of the .exe file for the Devs to check
Take a screenshot of the crash and post

@Lady_Gaga Disable Cloud Lookup(FLS) in settings