how to disable detectiion of "not-a-virus" items?


though I think CAV is a good software I sincerely hate its feature to detect “not-a-virus” items like VNC, RAdmin or several password viewers.
Is there a way to disable the detection of this category? Because otherwise i had to uninstall CAV because it always quarantines the tools I daily work with (serious work, not hacking).

Thank you

When the antivirus detects something that isn’t a virus it’s called a "False Positive

Dear Kyle,

“not-a-virus” is the name that Comodo gave items which are not a virus but considered harmful und are quarantined for this reason.
A false positive is a totally different issue, even if the outcome is the same for me.

The question is: Is there a way (and how?) to disable detection of files which Comodo sorted into that group “not-a-virus”.

Thanky again.

You can exclude specific paths/files and prevent these unwanted detections.

The feature you ask is not present although I submitted a related wishlist soon after CIS beta1 was released.;msg197790#msg197790

Thank you for answering, gibran.

Where is Comodo situated? In Cuba? That’s the only country I am aware of that tells it’s people what’s good for them…
In case noone else has a better idea as to exclude dozen of progras and paths (and hope that Comodo does not have the bright idea to add other usefull programs to its malware list) I guess I’ll rather uninstall CAV. I don’t like others to take over my machine and/or my decisions.

Please remember that it’s still in beta and that many wishes have been added into the products in the past, so why wouldn’t they do it now ?



CAV is a permanent BETA as it is the best excuse for all the bugs and annoyances.

So there will never be a version 2 final.


No because the new Beta 3 is already there (it’s in CIS, look here for CAVS 3 only)

So hopefully it will be included into the final version. But I have fate in a company like Comodo