How to deny access from wifi network with Zones?

I have a very simple network purely to share my internet conenction. Just my PC connected with an ethernet adapther and a PC my grandchildren use which has a wireless adapter.

I want to keep their PC totally isolated from my PC as they do all sorts of things I don’t understand on it

I think when I installed Comodo it automatically created a Trusted Zone for the wireless network and this was displayed in the Zones section (I’ve tried reading the Help file but have got a bit confused) Anyway, I deleted this Zone and now no Zones are listed at all. Will this mean that Comodo will block any access from the other PC to my PC?

Thanks for any advice.


Run the Stealth Ports Wizard from the firewall page.
Select Block all incoming connections.

This creates a set of Global firewall rules that makes for a
you can see them but they can’t see you situation.

You really don’t want the network in the trusted zone.
Unless you want open 2 way communication with the
rest of your network.