How to define current directory in D+?

How to define application’s current directory in HIPS Rules? In DOS, it is “.”, but this is not work in Comodo, how can I do it?

Interesting question, not sure you can, what are you trying to do?

In theory in the command line the address is just ‘.’ and the next directory up is ‘…’ So you could try just ‘.’

Environment variables work so you could also define one called %Dot% as ‘.’ or ‘.’ and see if that worked,

More info on files specification in CIS 5.x here: File spec.

Have not redone that FAQ for 6.x yet - it’s a lot of testing, and CIS 6.0 filespec is not stable yet IMHO

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I want to create predefined rules using current directory, so that I can block variable applications access to all resources except it’s own.
I wish the next version would support this function, it will be convenient.
Thank you.