How to copy Protected Objects from "Internet Security" config file

I just found out that I have been using “Firewall Security” config instead of “Internet Security”.

1.It doesn’t have all “Protected Objects” groups, by default and also no option to add it (missing in file groups). See Attachment

  1. Article says there is a difference between COM interfaces in both configs
    Comodo Preset Configurations, Firewall Security | Comodo Internet Security,Only%20commonly%20exploited%20COM%20interfaces%20are%20protected.,-HIPS%20is%20tuned
    But I can’t find the difference

  2. Is there something else missing in “Firewall Security” config that is in "Internet Security config?

Article I am referring to -

If you are looking for better security or more Protected Objects/COM Interfaces or Registry items, then just use the Proactive Security setting, it’s the better one security wise according to the help manual.

‘COMODO - Proactive Security - This configuration turns CIS into the ultimate protection machine. All possible protections are activated and all critical COM interfaces and files are protected. During the setup, if only Comodo Firewall installation option is selected, the next screen allows users to select this configuration as default CIS configuration. If selected, Firewall is always set to Safe mode. But according to the ‘Quick Scan’ results performed during the setup process, if no malware is found, HIPS is set to Clean PC mode. Otherwise, the default is Safe mode.’

Following up on the improved security subject, I would also suggest you to implement the Cruelsister settings for CIS/Comodo Firewall (they still apply to CIS/CF V12.2).

I have spent so much time customizing