How to configure shadow defender to use along side cis 6

I have a free key of shadow defender and decide to use that software along side comodo and i dont see a aparent conflicto, but tell me if you recomend some configuration like ad comodo folder to exclusions in shadow defender to elude interferences. Thank you for your guide and god bless you

They both should work fine with each other. Shadow Defender works differently to CIS. You can add the Shadow Defender to Comodo AV and vice versa.

But where are that folders and thank you

Folder of CIS: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security

Folder of Shadow Def: C:\Program Files\Shadow Defender

Add Shadow Def to CIS: Open main CIS GUI/Advanced Settings/Security Settings/AV/Exclusions

Add CIS to Shadow Def: Start the program/Exclusion list

Thank you bro fr the help we will do a contest to win another shadow defender licence i will mantain you informed in other software ñ_ñ

Im running comodo with shadow defender with no problems.Im using SD as more of an on demand program.
Shadow defender is an incredible piece of software.

When you make changes to the CIS configuration, do you first exit Shadow Mode? Do you commit the files? Do you have CIS set to exclusions?

I’m trying to run Shadow Defender pretty much 24/7 and hence I’d like to make changes to CIS configuration while the drive is in Shadow Mode but for that I need to find the right file/registry key to add to exclusions and so far I haven’t found them.

I found the necessary registry keys to make changes to CIS configuration.

[code=Registry Keys]

[b](C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security is need for databases, I think it contains the AV database and trusted files list.)

So basically, without that registry key, any changes to the CIS configuration will revert upon restart of the system.

In order to update CIS you must either do it in "Normal Mode" or you need to use the "Commit All" when exiting Shadow Mode if you've already updated CIS.[/b]

Hello guys and sorry for the deelay what i have to do to mantain changues on cis along side shadow defender?

I want to have my product up to date and have the protection of shadow mode i dont understand what to do whith that registry key and what to do whith the folders

I am a litle confused i hope we can find a rigth configuration and sorry my english are a litle bad please be patiens in your eplxications thanks and good bless you

In Shadow Defender, in the left menu, you’ll find two entries, one called “File Exclusion List” and under that “Registry Exclusion List”
-=Please refer to attached image one and two=-
In order to make basic changes to the CIS configuration (for example adding an AV exclusion) then in order for them to stick during a reboot, you’ll need to add the registry key I posted to the “Registry Exclusion List” and the folder I posted to the “File Exclusion List”
-=Please refer to attached image one and two=-

However please note that this will NOT make you able to update CIS while your drive is in Shadow Mode, in order to be able to update CIS while using Shadow Defender you must do one of these things:

  • Option A) Create exclusions for EVERY file that the update touches (this is not a feasible or maintainable solution and I can not help you with it.)
  • Option B) Exit the drive from Shadow Mode and then update CIS
    -=Please refer to attached image three=-
    -=After the instructions in the image has been followed and you’ve restarted your system and you’re no longer in Shadow Mode, update CIS, reboot (preferably twice) and then enable Shadow Mode again=-
  • Option C) While in Shadow Mode, do the update and then click “Exit Shadow Mode” under “Mode Setting” and then check “Commit all changes” and then click OK.
    -=Whenever there is an update for CIS, reboot (in order to remove any other changes which could be made by for example a malware) then apply the update for CIS and then follow the instructions in the fourth image=-

[attachment deleted by admin]

i use shadow defender as an on demand program like if i wish to test a program im unsure of and this is where shadow defender is most excellent.

I dont have it on continually but im just wondering how this affects windows as a whole if SD is on all of the time.
Does it affect the superfetch optimisation service?
superfetch like other windows services are on going with time so im not certain if SD affects this.


Given the way SD works I can not see a reason it would not affect this, if you can find the files Windows uses to cache all this then you can add them to the exclusion otherwise they will revert back to the state they were when you enabled Shadow Mode.

Windows updates, pre-fetch, caching, pretty much anything windows does will be reverted unless committed (or added to exclusions)