How to collect debug information

Debug information is useful to determine the cause of errors.

  1. Run the dbgInfo.bat file in installation directory as administrator (right click → Run as)
  2. Post the resulting cbu file with a description of the problem

Logs have a 200KB size limit to avoid using too much disk space, so it’s best to collect the logs as soon as the error occurs, otherwise log data might be over-written.
The logs size limit can be changed in registry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\Common\Settings”

Note: If the program crashes, stops responding or freezes, we also need dump file. Please see this topic.


Just to say there are two relevant keys in there, on that refers to log size and one to version 2 log size. Shall we increase both? (I have just multiplied by 4 is that OK?)

Yes, you can increase them both.