How to close file sharing through COMODO CIS?

I just picked a look at the network and Sharing center in Vista’s Control Panel for I noticed a program named wmpnetwk.exe has been very active in the last 3 weeks. I checked this file but found no virus or backdoors in it. At the same time, I saw file sharing option was set to “On”.
Despite that it was set by myself or not, I wanna turn off it. But when I click on the option, I found I can do nothing. Yes, there’s two options-tuen on and turn off-but they are grey, even so does the “Apply” botton. And there’s a critia mark to tell me “you can use your firewall program to change this setting”. Well, what’s my firewall? CIS of course! I double-checked, yes, widows’s firewall was off. But the problem comes to me: how to turn off the file sharing option with CIS? Is there any ideas? I read the help file several times, but found nothing on this issue.

PS. I uploaded the screen capture as attached to this post.

OS: Windows Vista (32-bit) home premium Edition SP1
HW: VAIO NR330E with 2GB RAM
CIS Ver: 3.14.130099.587

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