How to clear the "Blocked Application" counter

In Advance View in the firewall section, I have "Blocked Applications: 1223.

Is there a way to reset this?

The reason for the high number is a batch file was repeatedly run by an app, and it got sandboxed every time. The folder path has been added in “Sandbox Setting” so it is no longer being blocked.

Windows 10 Home 1607 14393.953 x64


There is no current way to clear that list:

I have used this way as a workaround; BUT I’ve only had a dozen or so to clear at any time. If you use this, I would do it in small batches . . . . !!;msg839573#msg839573

Well that’s just sad. I will just live with it, but now I’ll have to remember another stupid number to know if it begins to increment.

Comodo needs to allow the value to be cleared once the issue has been addressed.

Thanks for your reply Ploget.

Hopefully that will be addressed soon; just housekeeping really !

I also cant find any solution to clean counter of blocked files (after we remove all this files of course).

This can be problematic, since no one will keep eye on this counter anymore since will always show blocked files that are already gone from youre computer.