How to choose the SSL certificates and buy the trusted one

As a frequent Web surfer I hear lots of web-business people ask on “How to choose the SSL certificates and buy the trusted one?”.I would say its your responsibility to protect and give an healthy and trusted online E-commerce website for your customers. I would warn you not to fall into a Fraudulent SSL certificate.

Recently a problem called “Thousand million websites has been hacked even though it has SSL certificate Authorization” occurred, as the SSL certificate providers have not established the required secured encrypted path for the websites and the transacting users. This particular incident has shown the importance of learning about SSL certificates and how to choose a SSL Certificate to overcome this ignorance.

Steps Involving in the process on choosing the best SSL certificate:

Know the answers for the 3 questions

Step 1:Try to ask the question to yourself that “why do I need SSL certificate?”

This is the objective for you. If you understand the objective you can easily trace back the solution on choosing the best one for your E-commerce online shop,Web host,Enterprises etc.

Its a long path awareness that was created since 10 years ago by industry bodies and SSL, VPN security providers that its must to have SSL certificate for websites in case of building a secure path using encryption logic.

Step 2:Now You try to think on Which SSL gives you the real secure Path:

Choose the SSL certificate that has all the features like:

* Increase Conversion
* Website Security
* Securing a Mail Server
* Securing Sub-domains
* Email Security
* Secure multiple domains
* Unified Communications

Step 3: Choose the SSL certificate that gives maximum online trust.

Choosing the maximum online trust provider is difficult part. The one brand which satisfies all your need and keeps your security as their priority is the best one to consider.

Why to choose Comodo SSL:

Comodo provides the highest level of security at competitive prices. As the second largest provider of business-validated SSL certificates, Comodo ensures that millions of transactions are safely performed everyday. COMODO always looking for new ways to enhance online trust and security, with research and development labs that are diligently pushing boundaries and bringing online trust, security, and compliance solutions to a new higher standard. COMODO believes that their customers security is their priority.

Best Features of Comodo SSL certificates while comparing with Other Certificate providers:

Comodo SSL certificate is outstanding while compared to others, because it gives more options in its features. Some of the users review is “Validation team works fast. Problems with submitted non-English company documents solved quickly. In case of any questions – technical or regarding validation – they respond within 1 hour”.

Another review by the user of Comodo SSL which is compared with its competitor Verisign “VeriSign though it is easiest but it was insecure to use, but by far one of the most expensive when you have multiple servers to install certs on to. That’s where Comodo came in for us. About $1500 for 8 premium wildcard certs, meaning they don’t care which servers we install the certs as long as they’re on our DNS Domain Name. Comodo isn’t going to hold your hand while you install your certs — SSL not for the faint-of-heart. Comodo is geared toward corporations needing SSL that has a sufficient IT staff on hand”. These kind of reviews just take me positive about Comodo SSL certificate.

Beware Of Self-Signed SSL Certificates:

Recently,there was news about fraudulent self-signed SSL certificate issues which affected the thousands of websites by not giving proper and relied encryption path. So try to choose the best SSL provider like Comodo SSL certificates which believes in science rather than marketing hype.

Comodo (now Sectigo) are great offerings. They are reasonably priced as opposed to exorbitant Digicert Products and works just as well.

Great points on SSL selection! For me it is the easy of use. How fast you can validate/generate the SSL certificate. I use only as you can generate very easily CSR/encrypted keys automatically.