How to choose a browser for everyday use?

I really enjoyed reading this. Strongly suggest you to read :-La


Thanks for posting. It just goes to show that none of them can really be trusted.

How strong (sh*tty) language turns every browser into a piece of ■■■■. lol :smiley:

True! On this website shows the browser’s spyware scores.
Popular browsers collect too much. I am not against collecting a few telemetry for helping the software itself. They need to know which works or not works on the end user’s PC. But most of those go beyond the healthy telemetry :embarassed:

Because there is no good browser in the whole market :frowning: Browser is important for me. Most used software on my PC.

What are your thoughts on Comodo Dragon vs other degoogled browswers like “Ungoogled Chromium”?

I am no longer using Dragon. On the latest version, I reported/wished somethings.

It’s core always behind the stream…

Users complain about PUA behaviours. Dragon is trying to set its own partners as your search engine. SEE
(you cannot close it permenantly, it appears on every update)

Dragon deletes your saved passwords on every update ;D SEE

The browser have problems even on basic browser functions. Developers says, we are not spying on you :slight_smile: I do not about this I am not able to test…
I see no point to use Dragon… There are better privacy & security focused Chromium browsers exist. I just love Dragon name nothing more.

About “Ungoogled Chromium”, it is a configuration. “Ungoogled Chromium” is not usable for some reasons for daily use (DRM disabled by default, Tightened SSL expectations) some websites may not work as expected, at least that’s the case on my side.

Brave seems best of worst for daily use. Please check their Privacy Features Privacy Protection & Security Features | Brave Browser

My expectations from Comodo’s Dragon were actually what the Brave browser did… without crypto things and rewards. If Comodo did this it would have been the best on the market a few years ago. But anyway…

I would rather rely on using older Firefox versions with up-to-date extensions / add-ons like uMatrix, uBlockOrigin, Ghostery, NoScript etc. rather then using Brave with non working / non protecting Shields. Just my thoughts.

If you like Mozilla Firefox, use LibreWolf.

If you like Google Chrome, use Brave! (you can install your own extensions & disable shields feature. Disable all brave telemetry, it is nicely de-googled)

Install Librewolf or Ungoogled-Chromium if you need a big browser and you just wanna watch YouTube and Netflix. Install Webbrowser or PaleMeme (note: only install PaleMoon if you use Windows or macOS, and be sure to mitigate it before use) if you want something in the middle. Links, Netsurf and Kristall for minimalists.


i use firefox, is safe…
Comodo internet security protect my PC, Comodo internet security is “antilogger”;
Comodo allow test softwares unknow in my PC in invironment safe… :stuck_out_tongue:


Dragon just catched the latest Chrome codebase with the latest Beta release of Dragon :slight_smile:

Just 2 little fixes (reported by me)

-Improved SSL Low Validation functionality;msg913090#msg913090

Nothing to impress about Dragon.

I am willing to tolerate small quirks like having to de-select Dragon as my defsault browser once in a while. I am more interested in browsers that effectively address the user’s privacy and security.

Raymond Hill is the author of uBlock Origin and uMatrix.

It seems that uMatrix is discontinued (latest version July 2021):

From what I read it was about duplication of work, you can do pretty much everything you can do in uMatrix with uBlock Origin rules (advanced user) as either global rules or site specific. uBO is lighter as well :slight_smile: