How to check a zip file for a trojan or malware

Sorry if this is a trivial question, but I only ask because I do not know the answer! :wink:

Recently we have gotten two emails with .zip attachments, one clearly a fake and another was not so obvious. I am concerned that my spouse might accidentally open one of these someday and would like to know:

  1. Am I correct that if the opening of a .zip file results in the execution of some code other than just zip-opening that CIS should tell me?

  2. Is the ONLY way to safely check one of these to save the .zip file e.g. to the Desktop and then right-click-scan it with Comodo? That should reveal if the zip contains an executable?

I saved one of these emails and want to check the attachment for a virus. BTW we use Thunderbird client.

If the email attachment contains malicious code than Comodo will detect and block it. If it is a pdf or doc exploit, than Comodo should block it as well. But, it’s still recommended to update your PDF/Word Processing applications to protect against these types of exploits.

To have Comodo antivirus scan in .zip files by default, you can add *.zip files to the decompression list here:

This will allow Comodo to decompress the zip file attachment and check it for viruses before the user gets a chance to actually open it and run whatever is inside.

Hope I helped answer your questions :slight_smile:

Yes, wonderful, thank you very much! :-TU

I put *.zip into the Managed Extensions list and will go thru old emails to see what others I might add.

I will also check that zip file because I am really interested to know if my wife’s email is under attack.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: