How to cancel a scheduled scan in progress?

CIS 5.3 (firewall + antivirus)
Windows XP Pro SP-3

I scheduled a scan. It starts running. Sometimes I need to use my computer at the scheduled time. With the AV scan running, my host is very sluggish to almost being unusable. I went into the CIS program hunting around its screens looking for a means to kill the scan in progress. I couldn’t even find a means of detecting that the scan was in progress. What’s up with no status displayed within the program as to what it is doing?

You can stop the scan from the scanner dialogue box. When you minimised it it can be found in the lower right corner.

If by “scanner dialog box” you mean the scheduled scan dialog, there is no such animal. I didn’t want my screen corrupted everytime I was using my host and a scheduled scan happened to occur at that time. This is one of the reasons that I gave up on Avast because of their rude behavior of showing a scheduled scan dialog with no means to prevent it appearing. Comodo’s AV has an option to “Show scanning progress” for scheduled scans. It is disabled. I don’t always want that dialog in my way.

Any AV program should be able to show its current status. Of the status indicators provided in CIS, showing a scan in programm is missing. When I had avast (before they shoved these dialogs in my face which made me leave avast), I could go into its GUI and go look at the scan list. Whichever one was currently run was shown as running and I could simply click Stop or Cancel to kill off that scan. I see nowhere in CIS’s GUI the ability to see the status of a scheduled scan so I can kill it from there. No, I do not want dialogs polluting my screen, especially for processes that are intended to run in the background and hidden.

Without the scheduled scan progress dialog, it appears CIS users have no means to abort a scheduled scan that is in progress. Oh great, another GUI deficiency.

I meant the box as shown in the image attached to this post. Does this show up with you or doesn’t it?

[attachment deleted by admin]

That is the scanning dialog/popup that I disabled. I do not want my screen corrupted or my work interrupted because of a background process. There is no point in shoving this popup in my face. If I permit the scheduled scan to continue while I am using my computer then I just leave the scan alone. I don’t need the adware shoved into my face announcing that I’m using CAV. If I need the scheduled scan aborted because it overly impacts the use of my computer then I go into the GUI and look under the AV scans to see which one is running and kill it (that’s how it works in Avast).

This just seems yet another means of pushing adware in my face to announce that, gee, I chose to use a free version of Comodo’s product. I’m punished if I don’t permit this popup to appear.

Would you like popups appearing on your monitor for every NT service that is running on your host? Would you tolerate popups from every program you configured to load on startup (Run key, Startup folder)? Did Comodo forget what is a background process?

I discontinued using Avast because a recent minor update altered behavior of their background scans by shoving their adware popup in my face. With Avast, I had no option to get rid of the popup other than not schedule the scans. Their popup timeout settings didn’t apply against this scheduled AV popup. With CAV, I’m similarly assaulted with adware popups for what should be a background process, or I configure CAV not to show the popup which means I’m punished by having no means to cancel the scheduled scan, or I abandon doing scheduled scans. Yes, there are workarounds but none of them are acceptable.

Hi Vanguard,

I feel your pain!! I’ve only just started using Comodo AV, but I don’t like the scheduled scan box annoying me, so I unticked the “show scanning progress” tickbox, and that meant the scan box didn’t pop up any more. Great!

Then I discovered what you found as well, which is there is no (easy) way to stop the scan, or as you note, even see that it is running.

But I also found 2 work arounds which do what you want (far from ideal, but hopefully this will be fixed in a future release).

  1. If you want to stop the scan, just start a new Manual scan, and it will fail saying that one is already running. It will also bring up the scheduled scan progress window.

  2. If you just want to check if the scan is running in the background, without bringing up the scan window (as above), you can do so from the log viewer. Go to “View Antivirus events” and then click on the [More] button at the bottom of that window. If you then click on “Tasks Launched” in the “Other Logs” menu tree, you will see an “Av Scan” with no date/time in the “Completed” column. That means it’s still running. I couldn’t see a separate process for it in the standard windows task manager so this was the only way I could find it. [You can also bring up the Log Viewer by running cfplogvw.exe from the Comodo directory which may be quicker if you use if frequently]

Hope that helps you… Will be nice if there are a few options on the AV pages to make this a little bit easier.


Does not work for me with recent version v5.4.

I also nowhere see the option to disable the dialog. This is really annoying. :frowning: