How to bypass VPN with specific applications?

First let me say that I did a search on this and while there are many questions of this type, they all seem to have zero responses! It seems VPN bypass questions are DOA here, and I find that strange, but I guess I’ll ask it and hope for the best!

I have signed up with a VPN, and while it is tolerable for web surfing, it is awful for online gaming where low ping is critical. So I need help writing the appropriate rules to allow my games to bypass the VPN.

I’ve read some of the Comodo guides on application rules, and gave it a whirl myself, but it didn’t work. I’m afraid I’m still fairly confused on how to do it. Any help is appreciated.

  1. set firewall to custom ruleset mode.
  2. in application rules page, add/select the excutable file, set it’s rule to “use a custom ruleset”,and allow the vpn host ip address.
  3. check the global rules, make sure there’s no block on the vpn host ip address.
  4. if you got problem on dialing the vpn at the very beginning, allowing the vpn host ip address in global rules is needed.
    and try.