How to block internet connection only while still accessing network printer

Hi, I don’t know if it exist in COMODO SECURITY or not but I didn’t find it.
I wish I could SIMPLY push a button in COMODO SECURITY to temporarily disable completely my INTERNET CONNECTION while still keeping my LOCAL NETWORK alive.

I am using a wireless router as a GATEWAY. This allows two laptops to share a DSL modem and an ALL-IN-ONE (printer + scanner) with build in LAN (Ethernet card).

In COMODO Firewall in Summary section you find three subsections: System, Network Defense and Proactive Defense. In Network Defense sub-section, if I press " Stop All Activities " it will stop everything - INTERNET and NETWORK.

Is there a button that would say “Stop Internet Connection”?

If it doesn’t exist how I can simply turn-ON or turn-OFF my internet connection, while still being able to use the ALL-IN-ONE connected to the Wi-Fi router?

P.S. Turning the DSL modem off (physically) is not an option. It makes it very difficult to reconnect later on, to no say impossible. To ensure to reconnect I need to turn OFF laptop(s), router and DSL modem and turn them back ON again to ensure a successful internet connection. I really want to do it through COMOD FIREWALL. This option should be standard in any respectful Firewalls.



You can create a rule that allow only local IP’s, for example a range of - (My Blocked Network Zones or at Global Rules) with a name “Only Local” for example, and alternate between this one and the other that you are using (Proactive or Any else), via systray icon.


Thanks for your help AeoniAn! This is great to know that there is a solution to my problem.
I have a global idea to what you’re suggesting to me, I am new to COMDO CIS. I will look further how to implement your idea in practice.

Overall I should find the ip (or maybe more ?!?) corresponding to my local network (in my case its a WAN) and input it somewhere in CIS filters section to filter out everything except the ip associated to the WAN!??

I will try it and will give you some feedback if I succeed. it shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Thanks a lot again for ur help