How to block hidden/Private numbers

Hello people,

I apologize in advance, because english is not my native language. I’m using Comodo Mobile Security for the first time on android (I was using Avast, but switched to Comodo). I’m having difficulty finding a way to block private/hidden numbers. Avast has this feature, and in my country various ad’s companies use hidden numbers to call and try to sell things, so I was wondering if there’s a way to block hidden numbers. I tried a few apps, but Comodo flagged them as PUP’s or Malware.
So is there a way, or can you recommend an app to do that?

Thanks in advance

There isn’t a way in CMS itself but I have used call blocker along side it that has this option and works well.

My phone also has this built in. Many android phones have a built in call blocker, check the settings on your phone.


I concur with Eric, Call blocking including unknown numbers is a built-in Android feature.

Maybe that’s true, but my phone doesn’t have that option.

I’ll try it. Thanks!

Have to ask, what are you running for firmware?

You are going to get this feature on CMS soon :slight_smile:

Vendor’s Android 4.1.1.

Cool. Thats awesome ;D

Then you do have blocker. Find it under dialer settings / phone settings / call rejection / auto reject list. Unknown numbers should be your first option.

Sorry, but I don’t have it. I asked around and this is what happened. In my country the cellphone providers change the firmware to include some of their own apps and sponsor apps. When my phone was released it had android 4.0 and had call blocker option. Then, after a few months they re-released an updated version of the phone with a price drop and removed that option. My phone is the updated one. It has more ram, more space and android 4.1.1 instead of the original’s android 4.0 but lacks the call blocker option… :cry: