How to block explorer.exe???

Hi…after reading about explorer.exe process in this forum I decided to block it, but I can’t find it in the “application monitor”.
plz tell me how to block it…

I also wanna know if I should allow svchost.exe to access internet…


You will not find explorer.exe in CFPs Application Monitor because it does not directly access the Internet itself. Usually (unless you’re running another shell/app starter) explorer.exe is the parent process of many Internet enabled applications. Anyway, you don’t need to block explorer.exe directly.

SVCHOST (svchost.exe) is the Windows Services Internet medium. If a Service, such Windows Updates, needs Internet access it will use SVCHOST. You should not block SVCHOST, otherwise various Windows components will fail to work correctly.

I hope that helps.

Kail is right. Usually one doesn’t need to block it. However, since explorer.exe is in the safe list, it may try to connect out without you realizing (assuming you enabled the safe list). If you want to manually disable it like I do:
Security > Application Monitor > Add a rule for explorer.exe and set TCP/UDP In and Out to block

Hi ppl!

Actually blocking explorer in CPF wont help much, because it is used not only as a file manager, but also as a desktop manager, “connecting your keyboard+mouse with programs”.

Besides, for home use, blocking svchost wont spoil anything. Some programs DO use svchost, but most prefer to establish a connection directly, besides youll see a popup when such program launches…

But if you have a paranoia (and that is actually normal, by the reputation of M$'s CEO ;D ;D ;D) consider:

1 blocking svchost, system,explorer.
2 using an alternative shell and filemanager, so explorer wont start, search wiki for this. Be aware however that MANY programs use explorers services, but this way he wont stay resident permanently.
3 use SVS (google on it) or something like this apart with some realtime hdd encryption system.
4 RAID 1 wont be bad… (:TNG)

99 But actually, if to invest so much time in protection… why just not to switch to linux and run some kind of VM/Wine for win32 when you need it… (:HUG)

Other shells don’t work with CFP. Neither does Linux.

So sad, indeed… :cry:

Also, if you choose to block svchost.exe, you must be prepared to manually configure all DNS & DHCP, or else you won’t have any internet connectivity… Would be nice if Windows had a separate process just to do each of those, but it doesn’t so there you go…