how to block a specific port

Hi, use an action tech router for my internet, have noticed there is a specific port that is left open so the isp can remotely monitor my activity, is there a way to manually block connections to this port in the sttings of comodo firewall? (have tried in router setiings, does not allow me to stealth port)
Please post, thank you.

Your ISP needs to get a life (if they really have time to spy on your activities).

As COMODO firewall comes out of the box, it will not allow anyone in. Not sure you need to configure much more. Unless you are suggesting that your ISP has already installed a Trojan on your machine, which responds to his prying traffic. Doubtful. But if so, then you only need to identify his Trojan. There are various ways to go about this. A good start is to go to the default rule for “All Applications” in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy. Edit the “Allow All Outbound Traffic” rule. You will see at the top right a check box “Log whenever rule is fired”. It will not be set. Tick it and apply. Now simply keep an eye on your Firewall Traffic Log (Common Tasks). If you see something talking to the port you are talking about, that’s your Trojan. Put a rule into the Network Security Policy to block the guy completely. Or uninstall. Or …

It is port 4567 , actiontech mi424-wr router (verizon fios) Much docs on this subject on the net.

See if you can come up with a way for me to block this port, it is open, tried blocking from router, either I did it incorrectly or it can’t be stealthed
exact model of router is MI424-WR
Thanks very much for your help so far!

I see. This is a design feature of your router by the sounds of it. Nothing that COMODO can help you with. That port is serviced by a responder that’s built into your router’s f/w. The packet will never make it to your computer / COMODO. You will have to read the docs for your router to see whether there’s a way to close it down. Assuming you care enough. And if you cannot figure it out in reasonable time, I’d suggest you buy another router. These things don’t cost very much (any more).

Actually a friend of mine tested in her router( not an actiontech, though still verizon ) the same port was open on hers though a totally different brand of router.
Thanks very much for your help and prompt replies, will have to post somewhere else. :slight_smile: