How to be secure when Detection fails

Literally every endpoint security product out there can only provide protection and keep you secure only and “ONLY” if they can detect a threat. Whether using AI, EDR, Heuristic, Behaviour Analysis and so on, they are all about “detecting something bad or suspicious”. If there is not detection there is no protection.

Xcitium (previously known as Comodo) changed that. Even when Detection fails you can still be protected.
Watch this video to learn how

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This is really interesting sir but currently the userbase of CIS for home (both Free and those who paid for CIS Pro) are actually 2 years without any software update being delivered for CIS. Your staff here at Comodo Forums only answers “soon there will be a new release” and your staff at Xcitium Forum is waiting for an reply from the developers for more than two weeks.

Can you please tell your Staff to actually tell us the truth? Is CIS for home actually not supported anymore? If its still supported its impossible to not provide us an ETA for the next CIS release.

Your staff at Comodo/Xcitium currently is not honoring the manifesto you sir wrote some years ago, about Security being a right not a privilege, CIS being free, etc.

PS: Sorry I don’t mean to disrespect, its just that we are waiting 2 years for a clear reply on this matter.

Thank you.

Hello Melih, it is always wonderful to hear from you.
I’m a home user and have been using CFW and than CIS since 2009. From what I see from Xcitium site, for the time being they only offer enterprise grade products. I don’t see mention of CIS for home or other home products. Will Xcitium offers them in the near futur or will they be offered by an other of Comodo parent companies. I can’t imagine that you will let this wonderful product and its user base down. Please Melih answer this simple question.
Thank you in advance.

An internal project has been started to update the consumer version.

They are building a timeline as to when the public release will be, then the announcement will follow.

I too have a 2 year old CIS on my computers and they it just works! :wink: But I agree time has come for an update and the team should keep it updated going forward.

Hello Melih, nice to read you
I never doubted Comodo and its CEO
Great news from you for the future of CIS
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Oh Melih a very big thank for your answer. Our beloved and efficient CIS will be kept alive. Thank thank you. It’s a wonderful new.

The technology is amazing and it just works!
Consumers should be able to have access to this for free to protect themselves.
Of course we will have higher level services we offer on top as well, its a win-win for everyone.

I’m eager :-TU

we should update this forum to a newer technology like discourse as well.

we should update this forum to a newer technology like discourse as well
I understand that you want to modernize the forum but I don't see what you mean by "like discourse as well".

Thank you Melih for the feedback.

I have a question.

About this “an internal project has been started” and “they are building a timeline” does this mean that no developers were assigned to and did not work on CIS consumer version for the past 2 years and currently no developers are working on it either?

Glad to hear some development will happen. I agree CIS does what it does well. I’m planning to try the current version on my new Win 11 machine once I do a complete backup.

Hopefully the timeline won’t be long and agreed, time the forum version was updated. Fingers crossed for some news soon.

Nice to hear Melih after a long long time.
Thanks for the feedback

this might be an answer to your question :

Thank you Domo78. I didn’t know that platform. And indeed that fit with what Melih implied.

Thank you for the positive news we have been waiting for.

To say that Comodo CIS users were never in doubt is an understatement.

The lack of communication about the future of Comodo CIS for 2 years (“soon” is not an optimistic communication), while during the same period we have seen several software products abandoned, did not inspire optimism.

Comodo CIS is indeed reliable, but it needs to be updated like any other software.

It would also be nice if Comodo Secure Shopping could be given a facelift. Renaming it Comodo Secure Transaction would give it a more generic name.

@ C.O.M.O.D.O RT

I have no acrimony towards you. You do what your company wants you to do.

We have to admit that “soon” over such a long period of time has not been a cause for optimism.

I hope you have read Melih’s answer well.
Two years have gone without anybody working on CIS and still no one is working on it.
A “new project”(?) for further CIS development has to be started, obviously CIS project was dead and now has to be reanimated.

Its not that simple. Because the people have been constantly working on the underlying technology non stop. Just the Packaging called “CIS” has not been updated.
We currently have people working on it, but can’t give you a date yet. Need some UI guys to finalize few things. We are on this!

Currently the guys are working on Win10-11 h2 support and MS AV listing …all for consumer products…as well as a brand new UI along with some new features…we might deliver these in pieces or all in one…waiting to hear.