How to backup without including deleted files in the original backup? and more

Not sure about my subject heading but this is what I mean:
Assuming I have:
This-Is-a-Folder 01
This-Is-a-SUBFolder 01

If a full incremental backup is done and then after a while
I add a 3d file to my PC: “This-Is-a-text-file-03”
(1) I assume that once I do a new back up only the “This-Is-a-text-file-03” will be added, is this correct?
(2) However, what if ‘‘This-Is-a-text-file-01’’ is changed BUT not the name of the file (the name stays the same) will this get replaced (since the date and size will probably have changed)?
(3) What if I delete ''This-Is-a-text-file-02" on my PC will this delete it also on my backup? Assuming NO, how can I do so? In other words make the new backup WHAT I WANT BACKED up NOW and not what WAS?
(4) Finally what happens to files or folders that were moved? Could I assume that the back up woud not know this and see them as new files/folders? If the answer to number 3 above is ‘yes’ then this is good since there would be no chance of having double files spread out here and there?
Thank you