How to appeal against Moderators decisions

Please follow the instuction below if you have a problem with a Moderator decision

  1. PM another Moderator if you have a problem with a Moderator decision.
    List of Moderators can be Found Here

  2. If you still are not happy with the reply PM from that Moderator, he will advise you what further options you have.

Under no circumstances open a new topic for this purpose, otherwise this topic will be locked without warning, and you may be post banned.

If the topic that has caused the conflict is not locked, please do not continue to post in it, as this may only escalate the conflict further.

If all parties concerned take the online equivalent of 10 deep breaths, sometimes sanity/reasonableness/courtesy floats to the top.

If it doesn’t, please use the above suggested step of contacting another mod for internal review.

When sending a PM to a Moderator, please choose one that has been active recently. To PM a Moderator who is currently online, please check the list of users online at the bottom of the Welcome to the Comodo Forum page.
Moderators are shown in blue