How to allow Windows Operating System UDP (windscribe)


I want to use Windscribe VPN. But it can’t establish connection unless I disable Firewall.
In log I see these:
Windows Operating System Blocked In UDP 0 (this is my LAN IP) 0

I can’t find any rule about UDP.

Can you help please? What should I do to use Windscribe VPN?

Hi, we’re not active on here but I signed up to get in touch.

If you need support please drop us a line here: Knowledge Base | Windscribe or try our community on Windscribe.

I don’t mean to break any rules or be annoying but at the same time I’d like to make sure this person receives support. Our community is very active and helpful too so if you need a solution immediately that’s worth looking at.


Thanks for your reply!

Windscribe itself works fine but with disabled Firewall.
No actual issue with Windscribe that can be addressed by Windscribe support.
Thanks for discord, I’ll try to ask there too.

But still I think there should be a solution via Firewall rule. I only can’t figure what rule.

I feel you! It’s annoying that legacy windows features can sometimes freak out. Even if you don’t feel it’s Support worthy; if you’re still struggling to get to the bottom of this after you’ve investigated for a bit hit up support anyway. They don’t mind friendly challenges and usually know a ton of things off-hand. I’m part of the community team so I’m unfortunately less talented. They have ensured me though they do like a break from people who write to say that they didn’t get free data on their phone plan. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t realise VPN data and cell plan data are totally different things.

Hi f5rf5fff,

Thank you for reporting, we have checked and found no issues.
May i know your:

  1. CFW version ?
  2. Win version along with system bit type ?
  3. Exactly what you did and what happened ?
  4. COMODO firewall mode (Safe, custom ruleset, training mode, block all) ?
  5. Any other security software installed on your machine other than CFW ?
  6. Any related screenshot


Those blocked events represent blocked fragmented packets, you can try to disable the firewall setting block fragmented IP traffic to see if it works.