How to allow "all" connections from/to in a safe way?


Is there a safe way to use Custom Ruleset while allowing “all” applications to connect to
Emphasis on “safe”, because I could just use a rule for that, but I read it’s not a safe thing to do.

I know I could just create such rule for specific applications, the problem is when that is just not possible (e.g. Visual Studio’s Live Unit Testing creates many host processes and it just stops working without a “global” rule).

Also, I’m pretty sure I had just unchecked “Filter loopback traffic” instead of using rules in the past, and it just worked.
Still, not sure that is a safe thing to do, but now that doesn’t work anymore anyway, it still asks when applications try to connect to
Is this a known issue with the newest version(s)?

Thank you.

Hi dpc85,

Thank you for reporting, let me check and update you.


Create a firewall rule using the ‘All Executables’ or ‘All Applications’ File group. With the following settings:

In or Out

Type: Network zone
Zone: Loopback zone

Note this is not really a secure thing to do.