How to allow a false alarm? [RESOLVED]

Using CAV on WinXP. It keeps identifying my RealVNC server as a virus and placing the file in Quarantine. I’ve told CAV to exclude my entire REALVNC folder, but it keeps getting moved to Quarantine. What am I doing wrong?


Hi ricks99, welcome to the forums.

There are two different exclusions list in CAVS 1.1, one for the On-Access scanner & one for the On-Demand scanner. In addition, there are for both lists an option that says, in effect, exclude this folder & all sub-folders. Can you confirm that a) you entered RealVNC folder under the On-Access scanner exclusion list & that b) you ticked the sub-folder option. Also, since CAVS 1.1 is a beta, I would recommend that set CAVS On-Access scanner to deny access to detected object rather than automatically Quarantine detected objects.

In addition, CAVS 2 beta is now available & some users find this version much better than CAVS 1. You can find details of this latest beta here. Although you should be aware that CAVS 2 beta now includes application based HIPS.

That’s what I missed… Adding it to both on-accesss and on-demand fixed the issue.


No problem, glad I could help. I’ve marked this topic as [RESOLVED]

PS Don’t forget to check out the CAVS 2 beta. That has 3 exclusion lists! ;D