How submit a BSOD bugreport

Please DO remember to add those informations to all BSODs you post .

[ol]- Windows Version/Bit and Service Packs

  • Your realtime Antivirus/version,Spyware remover/Version, other Security Software/Version
  • Affected Driver/Software and Version (if the bug doesn’t affect window itself)
  • Brief description of the problem (Attach Diagnostic report or crash dumps if needed)
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (if applicable)
  • Gmer report (download) Only for 32bit platforms[/ol];topic=6747.0;attach=3542;image;topic=13169.0;attach=7517;image

Find your minidumps
Paste the Small dump directory string you found in Startup and Recovery Dialog (eg. %SystemRoot%\Minidump) in explorer and hit go;topic=13169.0;attach=7523;image

NOTE: According to Microsoft, there are several reasons why the Memory.dmp file is not being created when your computer encounters a STOP message: