How should the Whitelist "evolve"?

The whitelist is poking holes in our beloved CIS, and while offering usability and less popups its also restricting users from having controll over what they want to have running/trusting etc. I made a poll way back, about remote “help” tools being whitelisted: Here. Most seems negative of having such software whitelisted.

Now the discussion is about games. A lot of people like this, some don’t.

Personally I think the whitelist is a MUST. Since it makes things easier for people, and it makes CIS usable for non nerdy people. But what should and what shouldn’t be included is a thing worth discussing I think.

A lot of people don’t play games. But the people that do would benifit greatly from having their games whitelisted. Now I’m thinking: why not please them all and make CIS whitelist easier to manage: maby put “trusted software vendors” in groups and offer a bunch of checkboxes like: “use whitelist for games, use whitelist for remote help softwares” etc… Whats your thoughts on the whitelist? How would you like to see it “evolving”?

Evolving the speed is the only thing that I can say. if I request a software to be in the whitelist is to the developers take a look in it not to make fun of the users.

I like the idea. I’ve stated that it should be possible to deselect vendors from the trusted vendors list:

I also think it’s a good idea to make the whitelist itself alterable. Perhaps split it up into manageable groups like you mentioned.

Why didn’t you post this in the wishlist? Also, please add a poll, I’ll vote for it. :wink:

trusted vendors list is gone from V5, it is all now in real time in the cloud. And I suspect that the file is determined safe by finding the SHA1 of the file and checking it with the servers. Cracking sha1 is basically impossible.

It is really nice that this is incorporated into the cloud. Also I don’t mean to be critical but it doesn’t matter how the files are hashed because its being done on the Comodo servers and the PC. It is only used to verify that two files are the same and in some cases the integrity of files, this is why Microsoft and other vendors provide file hashes with downloads.

That’s a very good question. But the answer is simple:

Awesome people post their suggestions on news/announcement/feedback so everyone can read them and be amazed. :SMLR You should know that by now.

Seriously tho, I posted here since I thought it was more appropriate since I think this thread is more like: “give feedback on the whitelist” than I thought it was “lets wish some”. But I didn’t think or analyse it that much. If its way off then the mods can always move it.

But yeah I guess this thread could have been posted on the whishlist page as well. :o But now with languys99’s post this is starting to become a “news -cis” thread as well. =)

The list is on one of the tabs in Computer Security Policy :slight_smile: