How reliant is Comodo Backup?

I understand Comodo Backup is still young in it’s development stage but can I depend on Comodo Backup to backup my important data?

Other programs for example perform some sort of comparison check of the original and the copied file.

What is Comodo Backup doing to insure the health and integrity of my files?

If in event an error occurs during a transfer, what will Comodo Backup do? Will it try to re-transfer the file? Ignore the file? Will I be prompted of error? Will I be notified of the corrupted file?

I’m sure there are many more questions like this.

Some of your questions are answered in the FAQ, like comparison checking.

You can customize logging options in case of errors occurring. (See Pic). You can decide if backuping should continue after an error and it will be logged in the logging area.

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