How reliable is sandboxing?


I need to run an application in a sandbox, where it shouldn’t have access to the network and shouldn’t be allowed to make any change to the underlying env’t (eg. making changes to Windows).

My home computer isn’t powerful enough to virtualize Windows, so I was thinking of using CIS’ sandboxing feature.

How reliable is it? Can I safely sandbox an application and be positive it won’t make any change to Windows?

Thank you.

You’ll need to right-click an application and select “Run in comodo sandbox” for it to run isolated from the system.

I think it still can access the net, but it won’t be able to make any changes to the real system.

Thanks for the info. I’ll see if I can combine sandboxing with Comodo FW to prevent the sandboxed app from accessing the network.

I thought you do receive firewall alerts for sandboxed applications. Can someone who has experimented with this more please comment on what happens for Firewall alerts with sandboxed apps?


Yes I get Firewall alerts when I run a program Fully Virtualized and the Firewall is set to Custom Ruleset.