How reliable is Comodo AV?


Whenever I run Comodo AV, it warns of viruses that are pretty likely false positives:

I very much doubt binaries from AutoIT contain viruses. I’ve had other examples of this before even from open-source applications.

When confronted with warnings that are most likely false positives, what are users supposed to do? Is there some database that they can check?

Thank you.

You can report any files that you believe are false positives here.

The easiest way to check if a file is dangerous is to check it on virustotal. If you want to be more sure you can follow these methods for How to Tell if a File is Malicious.

Thanks for the links.

Comodo’s Av is more reliable then ever if I compare to the previous ones! If you’re insecure add Immunet as a second layer of protection. Immunet works together with your current AV.