How often does the update process check?

How often does the update process check?
How often is CAV updated?

I have CIS installed in a VirtualBox XP guest and I let the machine on for a long time.
I have access to Internet in this machine, I can check Windows Updates, etc.
But CAV is not updated… 88)

Mine checks once a hour it says so lol

I thought it was every 30 minutes myself. I’m sure I read that somewhere in these forums.

Every 30 minutes is the goal. It is at least hourly.

Is there a way to configure?
I’m more than one hour on and CAV did not update, unless I do it manually.

I wish I could upload a screenshot but I can’t (forum denies me… what a limitation!).

It doesn’t necessarily update every hour, it just checks to see if an update is available and retrieves it if it finds one.

Sure. It checks. But is there a way to configure it? Is there a visual way to be warned that the updates are failing?

Not that I know of. The only option I’ve seen is to turn it on or off.

Even this one, where is it?

Click on More,then Settings, and check in the General and Update tabs.

Oh, I see… but what a lack of configurability!
There are other antivirus that allow a lot of features only for updates. You can control it. You have the power of it. Here, nothing, nada…